Phoenix Digital is more than just a design company. At its heart, Phoenix Digital is a software company that develops fully-integrated online applications for its clients. We offer development services, contracts for both new development and the enhancement of existing applications, as well as management services. We develop solutions that can integrate with your existing architecture, or we can design scale architecture from the ground up.

Content Management
What if you could manage and deliver compelling, meaningful content to your customers and partners in any format, and across any medium? Phoenix Digital’s powerful Content Management Solutions enable you to build successful relationships with your customers by giving them the information, products and services they need, when they need it. Content is the currency for competing in this digital age. By implementing our Content Management Solution, or any other systems on the market, organizations can communicate with their site visitors by managing and delivering fresh content. These systems automate and manage the authoring and publishing of digital content to provide the information your site visitors desire. Allow Phoenix Digital to help you integrate dynamic Web site development into your strategic business plan. Or contract us to build and/or manage your web site for you. Our rates are very competitive in all our services. For more info contact us

Custom E-Commerce Solutions
Looking for a way to sell your products and deliver them to customers in larger areas then just outside your door? Then at Phoenix Digital, our PHOENIX CMS ver 5.0 Custom e-Commerce is what you need. This online store allows you to upload new products with the ease of clicking a button, finding the file on your hard drive, writing a description, pricing and submitting. That’s all, and you’re done!

*All application programming and Web sites are warranted. If there is a problem or errors (bugs) found in our work when completed, give us a call and we will fix the problem, immediately. This does not cover redesigns, upgrades, and/or add-ons. Warranties are void if you chose another company to work your design.

PHOENIX CMS© is a flexible, feature-rich Content Management System that empowers thousands of individuals, organizations, and companies around the world to easily manage their Web site. If you are hampered or dissatisfied by the limitations of your current CMS then take a look at our features…

Phoenix Digital’s new PHOENIX CMS© is an exciting breakthrough in digital technology. Our company’s CMS is a Stand Alone Intelligent Web Application. It permits the user to proficiently and fully manage their Web site content by employing a posting-like form within the content of the site. This permits a person to move information, change postings and/or graphics. It can move an existing site to another server (if that is the goal) allowing the site to be ready for business, immediately. It is that simple! One of the greatest features is that no prior programming is needed to use the CMS. If a person can host his/her message board on the Web, or use a word processor-type interface to update their site’s content, this streamlined System is made to order without a doubt.

CMS Custom options:
This Content Management System is a Stand Alone application. There are a number of ways we can put you in the “driver’s seat” of this cutting edge site manager.

1) BUY CMS – When you buy the custom version, we design the front end, (the part the public will see) and then plug in our system to the design with modifications to your site. What you do with the site after that is up to you. You can manage it yourself, or you can retain us to manage it for you. Using this system cuts your site management time, virtually in half. Instead of taking hours to write new code for new content, and going through countless pages to add or change content, login and change what you need. It’s done quickly, accurately, and easily.

2) RENT CMS – This option is very flexible. We design the front end for you, (the part the public sees). Then for a monthly fee you rent the use of our system on our hosting service. The price is half of what you would pay for purchasing the system. You only pay for the front-end design, plus your monthly fees for the system and hosting. (If we have to develop any special software for you in addition to the above mentioned, it is extra) Payments can be made yearly, quarterly, or monthly.

With our application Phoenix CMS, we tried to take everything into consideration to give you full control of your own web site. We made it easy to use, and a number of upgrades to handle todays demands for the internet.

Standard Tools

  1. Company Information Manager – Change your company information with the click of a button. Changes made here effect your whole web site. You can also control the contact forms in your site, what email address they are sent to, and what email server they use.
  2. Custom Entry Fields – Each section can have its own unique set of entry fields. These can be input boxes, pull-down menus or text areas.
  3. Image and File Uploading – Upload your images to add to your content. all formats supported as well as .pdf, .doc and more.
  4. Meta Tag Manager – CMS allows you to change your key words, descriptions and page titles for each page in your site. Search engine placement has never been easier. Run a campaign on any page in your site or all.. you can even keep some pages from being spidered by search engines.
  5. Rich Text editing – Our WYSIWYG editor allows you to manipulate text just like using Microsoft word.

Tracking System

  1. Hit counter – Each site has its own hit counter, enabling you to see how often your site is viewed, you can have a start date so you can get a clear picture of traffic.
  2. Browser Usage – You have a graphical interface that shows you what type of device is being used to view your site, as well as browser and operating system.


  1. 160 Bit SHA1 Password Encryption – SHA1 is the worlds most secure password hashing scheme.
  2. Password Lockout – Users can be locked out after several invalid password attempts. This is a deterrent to collision and brute force hacking attempts.
  3. User Levels – There are user levels for the site, an admin and basic user. Main controls are locked out from the basic user for security.
  4. IP Banning – Users can be banned by full or partial IP addresses. Wild-cards can be used.
  5. Secure Form Processing – Forms can only be submitted once per page load. This prevents duplicate submissions and deters spamming.

New Features

  1. Help files throught the application as well as an FAQ section built in.
  2. Social Media – You can now add social media to your web site. Stream YouTube videos. Utilize your facebook and pintrest photo’s.. even select the ones you want to use. All done seamlessly in your own web site.
  3. Mobile Sites – Your mobile sites are also connected to our system, mobile phone and tablet sites, make one change to your site, and they are displayed in your mobile applications.

Our CMS system can do much more!

PHOENIX CMS is 100% MADE AND DEVELOPED IN THE USA. The new Phoenix CMS 5.0 is AVAILABLE!. Place your order now!! 518 – 392 – 5101



Phoenix Digital is able to work with numerous Content Management Systems, including our own Phoenix CMS.


Phoenix CMS
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Phoenix Digital’s custom CMS
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